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Available for: Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS on Steam, Playstore, Appstore, but also DRM-Free

Master the cosmic drift!

Experience the ultimate cosmic drifting thrill on desktop or mobile as you master unique controls, challenge friends, race in charming missions, and unleash your creativity with the extensive mission editor.

A nice scene from the game

Whether you prefer a relaxed gaming experience while enjoying the delightful campaign or showcasing your extraordinary skills to outperform your friends, this game will satisfy you. Immerse yourself in the art of piloting a ship through space, where there's no drag and only two turbines.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!


Steering the ship is all about mastering the two engines. You can also equip a power-component with more than two engines, but it all boils down to the same control.

In the desktop version, you'll navigate the ship using just three buttons: left, right, and forward. Of course you can also use a controller.

In the mobile version, you'll steer the ship by tapping the left and/or right sides of the screen with your thumbs. And if you tap both sides, your ship flies straight ahead.

Smartphone in Hands with Space Tournament running

Since you're floating in the vacuum of space, there's no pesky friction to hold you back. The ship keeps moving and spinning after every burst of acceleration unless you counteract it. But fear not! We've got clever ship parts that create a little friction to make life easier for beginners.

This simple yet incredibly challenging mechanic lies at the heart of the game. It's an absolute delight to master control over your ship. From initially chaotic zigzagging rides, you'll gradually transform into a master of smooth drifts.

Apply your acquired skills to the multitude of missions in the campaign!

Mission Editor

The mission editor you'll find only in the PC version. It is the same editor we use to build missions. You can effortlessly create maps without having to dive deep into the intricacies of the editor.

But hey, if you're up for it, with a little practice, you can set up more complex mission objectives too! If you're familiar with graphic design programs or other editors, you'll quickly find your way around and revel in its wealth of features.

You can easily publish your completed missions so that others can access them too. It's time to challenge your friends with your very own missions!

The (hopefully) abundant missions created by players can be searched and sorted through tags and user ratings. This means you'll have a treasure trove of missions at your fingertips, extending the fun far beyond the campaign!

Friends records

You can simply follow other player profiles to check out their records in the mission leaderboards. This way, you'll always stay in the loop and know who currently is the Space Tournament's champion!